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A Swift and Easy
Financing Solution

Without any banking procedures.

Flexible Payment

You can choose your most convenient
Installment plan from 6 - 36 months.

How it Works


Download the app

Download takka and register



And you get to know your pre-approved limit.


Get your Card

You can pick-up your card from the communicated
locations on the app.

Frequently Asked

Go to App store or Google Play & download

Your National ID and confirm information

On the app, you will find the best timing & branches where you can receive the card & sign documents

Follow the steps mentioned on the card letter or contact us on 15980

  • Specify a product & describe it
  • Select price & installement plan
  • Agree on terms & conditions (Wa3d & Wekala) on the app
  • Confirm availing the required amount on the card
  • Pay to the merchant by Takka card
  • Confirm product receiving & Upload invoice photo & review the morab7a contract on the app

Choose convenient schedule starting from 6 to 36 months

While choosing your purchase, you authorize a transfer from your approved limit on the app to Takka Card

During your purchase, you consent digitally on the steps of Wa3d & wekala

You can keep the balance on the card for only 24 hours then it will be reversed automatically

You can pay the installement at Fawry or you can pay on Takka app using a prepaid card

You can contact us on 15980

No limit offered and approved financed transactions has to be paid by Takka card.

Buy everything
you want

And install on up to 36 months.

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